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Adriana Monteiro

Certified Nursing Assistant | Beaumont at Northborough

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Adriana Monteiro, has been working at Beaumont at Northborough for about five years. Although she has 18 years of experience as a CNA, she has stayed in Northborough because she has always felt “comfortable and happy at Beaumont.”

“The positive attitudes of our entire staff have really helped this past year,” explains Monteiro. “Everyone cares for and loves the Residents and Patients.”

In particular, Monteiro explains that each and every staff member goes above and beyond; “Even our Executive Director, Ed Murphy, will answer call lights and ask to help the nursing staff—he serves as a model for everyone.”

Monteiro grows close with the Residents and Patients she cares for; “I always want to reassure them, tell them how much I love them and talk with them about their memories,” says Monteiro.

“No company is one-hundred percent perfect,” continues Monteiro, “but at Beaumont at Northborough, the structure, shared concern for Residents and the other CNA’s I work with is amazing and makes a big difference—I’m very happy working here.”

Monteiro also has plans to continue her schooling and become a registered nurse. “I really enjoy caring for Residents and Patients; I am looking forward to it!”