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Caroline Mburu, RN

RN Case Manager | Beaumont at Westborough

RN Case Manager of Beaumont at Westborough Caroline Mburu is passionate about her work, often spreading the word that Beaumont is an excellent place to work for a caring, family environment.

Caroline began her career with SALMON Health and Retirement working as a CNA in Beaumont at Northbridge from 2003 – 2005 before pursuing another opportunity, then returning in April 2017 as RN Case Manager in Beaumont at Westborough.

“I love working for this company because they treat the staff and residents like their own families. I feel at home and appreciated.”

She explained when she lost her home in a fire, staff at Beaumont rallied to raise money and goods to help her get back on her feet.

“The director of nursing even showed up to my house with food; the kitchen sent food to my house; the executive director’s husband called to see if I needed a place … Truly, everyone came through.”

She added, “The support here is phenomenal … it is unique to Beaumont.”

Caroline’s appreciation for her workplace is so strong that she makes an effort to refer anyone she can to the company – In fact; she’s referred 19 and counting including CNAs, nurses, nurse managers and PCAs.

Caroline says she feels confident referring people to SALMON because of the compassion and care you feel as an employee of the organization.

Some of the staff members she has referred have told her they are very happy she referred them to SALMON, but they aren’t the only ones benefiting from the referrals.

Because of the SALMON Referral Bonus program, Caroline has received a $1,000 bonus for each employee she has referred, which she has been putting to good use advancing her nursing education.

“The bonus has allowed me to pay for one class at a time without having to strain … As a single mom with one income, it comes in handy.”

Caroline’s most recent referrals began at the beginning of March, but she said she plans to continue referring.

“I will continue to refer because the benefits here are phenomenal and the teamwork is excellent … No words can explain how much I love working at Beaumont.”