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Laura Stanton, BSN, RN

Neighborhood Manager | Beaumont at Northborough

Laura Stanton, BSN, RN, has been working at Beaumont at Northborough for twelve years. Stanton started her career in Northborough as a CNA, then a floor nurse, transitioned to a weekend then evening nurse supervisor role and now works as a neighborhood manager. “I’ve grown up working here,” she explains. “I went through school and many life transitions. Through it all, I have worked with supportive teams that share my values and goals—always asking, what more can we do when caring for Residents and patients?”

Stanton grew up in Northborough and currently lives there. “I have cared for a lot of Residents and patients that I’ve known in the community—friends, neighbors and more. It’s been so great to connect with them and stay in touch with their families.”

“The support has especially continued throughout COVID,” explains Stanton. “I had the opportunity to provide a lot of input for the unit. Right away, we agreed to work twelve-hour shifts to provide more consistent care to Residents and patients. Management has been really open to our suggestions; it’s been really rewarding to be able to make positive changes and know they are fully upheld.”

Stanton explains that there are constant check-ins as well; “At all times, the team is sending emails, text messages and requests to meet after shifts just to ask how I’m doing during COVID. Director of Nursing, Josh Hayes, has been especially supportive.”

“COVID has definitely been a trying time,” says Stanton. “But the tender moments with Residents make all the difference. Whether they remember me by name, ask to hold hands, or just talk, it’s been an honor to be there medically and emotionally for Residents and patients when their families weren’t physically able to.”

There is a lot of gratitude for Stanton’s efforts, not only from her team, but from families and friends of Residents and patients as well. “The outpouring of thanks and appreciation has really helped during this time; I feel like I’ve made a difference.”

Stanton concludes, “My twelve years with SALMON speaks volumes; I have the same love and passion for this organization as I did when I first started.”