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Lori Morales, CNA

CNA | Beaumont at Westborough

Lori Morales, a team member at Beaumont Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center at Westborough has been a CNA for 27 years with specialized training in geriatrics, restorative ambulation therapy and a as a certified medication technician. In that time, she has worked in various care settings, but says the environment at Beaumont really sets it apart from others.

“What surprised me about working at Beaumont is how you not only become just an employee, but also part of a family,” she said.

With a specialty in restorative ambulation, Lori is able to provide unique care to Beaumont’s residents, expertly collaborating with the campus’ physical therapy services to help residents maintain maximum mobility and independence for as long as possible.

To add to her expertise, Lori also completed SALMON’s CNA Mentor program, an in-depth course which equips CNAs with the knowledge and tools needed to be effective mentors to new CNAs navigating the clinical and professional aspects of the field.

“As a mentor I received specialized training that helps me be more aware of the residents’ needs throughout all aspects of daily living and it enabled me to be a mentor to other CNAs and educate them and inspire them to be the best CNAs they can be,” she said.

Lori credits these experiences and expertise she has gained as the reason she loves working in the Beaumont environment.

“I love working here because I’m allowed to give my residents a personalized level of care, that makes them feel safe, comfortable and loved,” she said.