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Rose Kelly-Pond

Admissions Coordinator | Beaumont at Northborough

New Admissions Coordinator, Rose Kelly-Pond, started working at Beaumont at Northborough after making a career change.

Rose was formerly an account manager for major retail companies for several years. As a result of the pandemic, retail stores suffered, and her position was eliminated.

The circumstances granted Rose the opportunity to explore careers that made her “feel good,” and that’s precisely why she decided to apply for positions at Beaumont at Northborough.

Rose’s father, Jack, was a Resident in Northborough for two years before his passing in early 2020. Rose visited him there every weekend and truly got to know other Residents and their families, as well as staff members.

“I fell in love with the Residents during that time,” explains Rose. “They were such remarkable and kind people. I felt comfortable and happy with each visit.”

Rose feels the same sentiment now as an official staff member in Northborough. “I feel good when I leave work at the end of the day,” she says, “and that’s really incredible.”

Rose started in Northborough’s engagement department in the summer of 2020.  “Engaging with Residents during the pandemic was challenging at first; I had gotten so used to what it was like when my dad was a Resident prior to COVID-19. However, we all worked together to provide the same connection, just in different ways.”

Although she enjoyed working in the engagement department, Rose felt that she could contribute more of her marketing and sales skills from her former career and informed Executive Director Ed Murphy that she was available if other positions opened. In early 2021, Rose was offered the position of admissions coordinator.

Her father having been a Resident in the community, Rose offers a unique perspective as an admissions coordinator—she understands how potential Residents’ families feel and can better relieve any worries they may have.

“My dad received great care,” says Rose. “I can assure families of that from personal experience.”

Ed Murphy expressed he is thrilled to have Rose on the team: “I can tell she is going to be great.”

“My first impression of Northborough was a lasting one,” Rose concludes. “I look forward to my continued career here.”