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Shawn Neville

Director of Campus Operations | SALMON Westborough campus

Shawn Neville started in the healthcare industry unexpectedly. While studying psychology with a goal to become a police officer during his undergraduate program, Neville took a position as a behavioral specialist at the Greenery in Worcester, a skilled nursing and rehabilitation community, where his mother was a nurse. Neville says, “I took it to get through school.”

As a behavioral specialist, Neville was trained to work closely with patients recovering from traumatic brain injuries. What was meant to be a temporary job to get through school sparked interest and passion in the field. After serving as a behavioral specialist for several years, Neville transitioned into Assistant Program Director of The Greenery’s neuro-rehabilitation program—his time there totaling eight years.

Neville left healthcare briefly and became involved in real estate, but returned to the field after several years, recalling how much he enjoyed working at The Greenery. He joined another skilled nursing community in Framingham as Admission Marketing Director. Neville would go on to other administrator positions, such as Administrator-in-Training and Interim Administrator, at various skilled nursing communities throughout Massachusetts, including Fall River, Norwood, and Milton.

After serving as Administrator for four years in the same Framingham community, Neville joined SALMON Health and Retirement as Executive Director at their Beaumont at Worcester campus. “I really enjoyed working there,” says Neville. “It was great to go back to the community that I grew up in.”

After several years of successfully managing the Beaumont at Worcester community, including when the building served as the nation’s first COVID-19 recovery center, Neville is now moving to SALMON’s Westborough campus as Director of Campus Operations. In this position, he will oversee three service levels: independent and assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing and rehabilitation. “I’m looking forward to expanding my horizons,” says Neville. “I’ve already been warmly welcomed into this amazing community and can’t wait to get started.”

Neville expressed his gratitude for the SALMON organization after the Beaumont at Worcester closure, saying, “I feel like a member of the SALMON family. They’ve offered me opportunities to continue to better myself and grow both professionally and personally. I’m looking forward to doing both in Westborough.”