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Wilfrid Dauphin

Utility Worker, Dining Services | Beaumont at Westborough

Almost two years ago, Wilfrid Dauphin first came to SALMON with the desire to obtain his Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) License. However, in order to do so, he needed to improve his English.

Originally from Haiti, Wilfrid’s first language was Haitian Creole.

His now supervisor, Peter Murphy, remembered first meeting him and described him as a “benevolent and genuine” person and had him apply to work as a utility worker in Dining Services of Beaumont at Westborough in the meantime. Wilfrid and Peter discussed English Language Schools (ELS) in order to help Wilfrid improve his English.

Nearly two years later, Wilfrid was proud to display his ELS certificate from Worcester State University. Although some parts of the course were difficult, Wilfrid found that he was always able to ask for help and clarification.

Most importantly, Wilfrid stated, “I am so thankful for my supervisor and this company for allowing me to change my schedule so I could attend class.”

Peter also states that he is “so proud” of Wilfrid and hopes that his hard work can inspire others.